SQLite Viewer for Forensic Analysis of SQLite Database Files

SQLite Viewer is an all in one solution to view cookies, tables, apps, triggers, websites data from SQLite so it is a more valuable toolkit for developers that gives facility to browse all information from every edition of SQLite and supports all formats as .db, .db3, .sqlite, .sqlite3 etc.

Some Advance Features Of SQLite Database Browser
The main goal of this application is to give permission to read SQLite DB files from many structures

  • The SQLite database viewer provides ability to explore, recover and preview SQLite files for forensic purpose. This application grants complete preview of SQLite files as well as schemas, script, table, columns etc.
  • Software SQLite database viewer has capability to recover corrupted and deleted SQLite components to preview.
  • It has ability to open any file without size limitation, the size of the file may be in Gigabyte or Terabyte.
  • SQLite Viewer is 100% free that supports all Windows Operating Systems including latest version 8.1
  • Users can view live scan of database during load any SQLite file into this free viewer
Why Use SQLite Viewer?
In present time SQLite is the choice of most developers in worldwide because it is an open source relational database management system and they can use it without installation. A number of mail clients including Incredimail, Sparrow Mail, Outlook 2015 use a SQLite database to store the mailbox database. It has been observed that SQLite is faster than any other database management system and gives quicker access to the mail data.
By giving previous information, users may understand that the SQLite Viewer is the supreme utility to browse data from SQLite.