What is the use of SQLite Database in Android Devices?

Most of SQLite users know that it provides open source database management system so everyone can use this according to need. SQLite is embedded in every Android device because it does not require administration setup. Users can easily define statements during create/update the database. Some famous applications that developed for Android also use the SQLite Database as follows

WhatsApp: It is an instant messaging application for smartphones that is most famous application in worldwide to send and receive text, image, video, user location, calls etc. WhatsApp saves its all data on a SQLite database. To check this database go to (/sdcard/whatapp/database/msgstore.db) location but you can’t read the data because it is encrypted data.

Skype: You can install this application for video chat, voice calls, group calls, etc. You can successfully install this application on Android phones, it also uses a SQLite database to store all information in main.db. You will need to install a third party application to browse this database file. Other Android applications also use SQLite database like Facebook, WeChat, Telegram, Viber and other.

Get Perfect Solution For Read SQLite DB Files
A free software is available to preview SQLite files instantly in simple steps as first copy these files from Android to your PC after that install SQLite Database Browser Android and successfully browse every component, row, trigger, column. The tool supports all Windows Operating Systems and provide many advance features as capable to recover deleted files for preview, shows live scanning of SQLite DB files, provide full satisfaction guaranteed, freeware software so use it without investing money.