Know About How to Create SQLite Database File

In this post we are describing about create SQLite database file, first will need to install SQLite in your PC to creating database  that is very simple process. If you have any issue during installing SQLite,  then click here to know about how to install SQLite in simple steps.
The sqlite3 command is used to be a new SQLite database. You can use it without having any special requirement.

Get Knowledge About How to Install SQLite

If you are looking a best solution to solve “How to Install SQLite” related queries then it is the right place because here we are describing complete information about installation of SQLite with every version of Windows Operating Systems by following some simple steps.

What is The Use of SQLite on Embedded System?

An embedded system use like a platform between hardware and software that is specially designed for any particular purpose and it does not easily change. Any embedded devices generally does not look similar a computer because it has not keyboard, mouse, monitor, but it has a processor and software and generally an embedded device has the capability to operate single application at a time.

What is the use of SQLite Database in Android Devices?

Most of SQLite users know that it provides open source database management system so everyone can use this according to need. SQLite is embedded in every Android device because it does not require administration setup. Users can easily define statements during create/update the database. Some famous applications that developed for Android also use the SQLite Database as follows

SQLite Viewer for Forensic Analysis of SQLite Database Files

SQLite Viewer is an all in one solution to view cookies, tables, apps, triggers, websites data from SQLite so it is a more valuable toolkit for developers that gives facility to browse all information from every edition of SQLite and supports all formats as .db, .db3, .sqlite, .sqlite3 etc.