What is The Use of SQLite on Embedded System?

An embedded system use like a platform between hardware and software that is specially designed for any particular purpose and it does not easily change. Any embedded devices generally does not look similar a computer because it has not keyboard, mouse, monitor, but it has a processor and software and generally an embedded device has the capability to operate single application at a time.

These are examples of this embedded system telecom, smart cards, satellites, digital electronics, automotive, mobile phones, watch, digital camera, robot, washing machines, multitasking toys, remote, router, ATM, SIM card, video game, CD player and many more.
Most developers use SQLite in embedded devices because it requires no administration. It works successfully with well processing speed because it is a lightweight open source utility. SQLite is self contained and its library less than 500 KB in most conditions while it allows to create unlimited database that can be in Gigabytes and Terabytes.

Some Important Points to Use SQLite in Embedded Devices
Here we are writing some highlighted points that are important to understanding about the importance of SQLite.
•    It is an open source utility so every user can use it according to your need
•    It is lightweight means that users can use it with many devices as mobile phones
•    SQlite does not require a separate server
•    SQLite comes with zero configuration so don’t need to install
•    It supports many query languages
•    You can create a single database file without size limitation